Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Bitch Got Fired

To follow up on my resignation letter, almost 30 days later (June 2004) the Director of the call center, Claudia was fired!

You have no idea how good this made me feel. I received the text message with the news. I screamed, out loud! Read it again then jumped up and did a jig! I immediately called one of my internal sources and found out that she had indeed gotten fired!

No one knew it was coming. Three Big Wigs which included the corporate HR Director, Claudia's boss Rita and if I remember correctly, the trainer's boss flew in from Atlanta. After showing up unannounced they went into the inbound manger's office and advised him what was going on, then walked into Claudia's office and FIRED her ASS!

I used to fantasize that my resignation letter was a tiny part of her termination; I did email it to the CEO and copied the important corporate managers.

Karma's a bitch!

Constructive Discharge

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

To whom it may concern:

As of May 28, 2004 I, MY NAME hereby resign due to Constructive Discharge: Claudia Lambourne (not innocent, so real name is published!), Salt Lake City, Call Center Director had a meeting with me and my manager, *Gary in the last week of April 2004. Claudia told me that I had a week to decide if I was going to support her and traditional management (MBO – manage by objective) or I had to leave.

When I accepted my position as Coordinator January 10, 2003 I was promised an environment where I could continue to lead with Quality Theory techniques. I have used Quality Theory Leadership for the duration of my Harland management career. Almost two weeks following our initial discussion (the beginning of May) Claudia approached me and I told her that I had decided to stay. For the next week I realized that no matter how hard I worked or how much I would accomplish, Claudia was never going to respect, trust, or support me. She would eventually fire me, coerce my resignation or concoct a reason for termination, as she has with two prior senior members of Harland leadership staff; *Jenny, HR manager and *Emily, Inbound Manager.

During our initial meeting, I was also put on a written warning because Human Resources had lost three signed copies of my agent's written warnings. I was never told to keep a copy of the signed warnings in the agent's files at my desk. At the time of the warnings, we had no HR representative and we were told to give them to *Olivia Administration. To my knowledge there was no investigation of HR or support staff to determine true ownership of the loss. The blame was solely assigned to me. I suggested they contact the employees involved to witness that I had executed the warning process. They refused to contact *Jessica who no longer works for Harland to verify that she had signed her written warning. *Donna claims she never signed one, but does remember the conversation. *Grace also remembers signing her written warning. During this meeting I told (my manager) *Gary that I was worried that more signed documents would suddenly "go missing". *Gary said I had a valid concern and we agreed that if any more documents went missing that I would not be put on a final warning. Since our meeting, there has been another warning that has gone missing from December, *Johanna also remembers signing it.

After a couple weeks of realizing that I had no future at Harland because my director does not support that I lead my team using Quality Theory, of which our call center was established; I decided to give my two weeks notice. I had already scheduled vacation, so I advised *Gary that I would be taking the rest of my vacation and sick time during the two weeks. I planned to return to work Thursday May 27, 2004. I advised my last day would be Friday, May 28.
Personal health concerns also led to my decision to resign. I'm on my 5th month of fertility drugs and my doctor advised me that I needed to reduce the amount of stress in my life. The hostile work environment created by Claudia’s systematic destruction of Quality and the removal of key Quality leadership, is the primary source of stress in my life. After careful consideration and consultation, it was established that resignation was my only choice for improved health.

On Monday May 24, 2004 I received a voice message from *Barbara, new Human Resources Manager. She advised me that her and Claudia had decided that I did not need to return to work that my personal belongings would be packed in a box and ready for me to come pick up. I immediately called *Barbara back and advised her that I planned on working Thursday and Friday, and wanted to make sure that I would still be paid for those days if they were not going to let me work. *Barbara confirmed that I would be paid for the entire week. I also asked if I could pack my own desk, otherwise it seems that I was being fired. *Barbara agreed and would make sure that no one touches my desk. I also wanted to confirm that I wouldn't have a time limit when I came to pack my desk, as I planned on working those two days to say goodbye to my associates and gain closure. *Barbara confirmed that she would talk to Claudia and tell her that this is what we had agreed upon.

During the last ten months I have been publicly humiliated, harassed and targeted by Claudia. In leadership meetings she has singled me out. My manager had to confront her about dismissing my contributions during a meeting. Claudia has segregated those that worked for her at Starwood (their former employer) from the rest of us.

I know that Claudia had been given feedback indicating that she must meet certain goals within the center to keep her position. It is my opinion, that she cannot meet these goals and in knowing such, has decided to eliminate her support staff in order to claim their incompetence as a reason for her failure.

For example:
*Gary's former counterpart *Emily was fired because she wrote an open and honest email to Leadership asking that we have team meetings instead of Center meetings with a corporate visitor. (We had not had team meetings in several months, bringing moral down on the floor.) We were told that she was let go because she wasn't following Harland's values, one of which is Open and honest communication.

Our former Human Resources Leader, *Jenny left on her own accord because of Claudia's lack of leadership and support. Even my manager, *Gary has been told that if his departments don't meet their goals in 30 days his job is gone. I believe that Claudia is just putting off the inevitable, losing her own job.

I had really enjoyed working for Harland for the first 2 of my almost 3 years! It had been the best job I ever had. I learned so much from all of the coordinators, my managers: *Gary and *Emily, and former director, Chris Glynn.

It's a shame that one person in a position of power can disintegrate the positive attitude and stable foundation of a prosperous career organization that was SLC CCC under the leadership of Chris and his Quality leadership staff.

Payback's A Bitch

We were constantly playing tricks on each other at Harland. After trashing Mary the Work Force Manager's desk, Sarah a WF Analyst got hit with the Payback Stick, HARD!

Not only was her desk and chair saran wrapped, but it was covered with pounds of tiny confetti we got from the printing side of the building. Larry the IT Manager was none to happy with us.


Due to finding an old coworker and posting her story, I thought I should get off my ass and post my "resignation". It's a good one, I promise.

Also I have yet to spread the news on this blog, because I wanted to get a few of my stories posted first.

Work: My Eternal Purgatory

Submitted by: Dom
So sometimes the question arises in everyone's life: Did I do something wrong in a past life? Was I a serial killer, rapist, bank robber or Dr. Laura?

I have often questioned that in the course of my years working at my job in sunny Harland. The place started off as a haven for call center holocaust survivors. Then about two years into it we got a new director. I swear he thought we were his boot camp recruits. All respect for employees went down the toilet and just didn't quite flush. We were treated as money making tools, our department never got acknowledged and you just got smoke blown up your ass all of the time.

So four years into it, yesterday I think I finally just snapped. Victoria had recently just quit, my friend Aubrey had left to have her baby, I had just gotten back from vacation, and I was left with nobody to back me up in my department.

I have often dreamed of walking out on break to have a cigarette, only to get in my car and never come back. I've never been quite brazen enough to do that and I would trudge back into work with a small shudder.

Yesterday I got into work a bit late. The day had already gone to shit. Our department is generally very slow 20-30 calls a day. But somehow all the calls from other departments started routing into mine. They told us to just deal with it and to take the phone calls even though we had either not taken these calls in over a year or had not been trained in the ones coming through. All day we were 30 in cue with a 30 minute hold time, only to get a pissed off customer who would get even more pissed off when they found out we had absolutely no prowess in taking their calls.

At 4:30, everyone but me is left in my department. I am there from 4:30-6 alone. My competent boss, note sarcasm here, didn't bother checking in to see if I was ok before he left at 3:30. One of the girls on my team called downstairs to see what we were going to do once they all left and I would be alone to contend with this mess.

They said that I should just "deal with it." Deal with it. They couldn't have suggested me routing the calls to the correct department, or sent someone up to help me out. I just had to deal with it.

So I decided maybe they should just deal with it. I packed up my shit, waited until my 4:30 co-workers left, and took off, with nobody there to take the calls.

In a moment of empowerment, I walked out of a job that paid me $12.72 an hour because finally bending over for that wasn't just much fun anymore.

My boss was PISSED today. He was so mad at me because he thought it was all about him. He spoke of never helping me out or actually I believe the correct term he used that if I was on fire he wouldn't piss on me to put it out.

Because to him, it wasn't about me. It wasn't about respect and treating your employees like they were human beings and having an ounce of sympathy for situations we are in or the daily stress we go through to get our jobs done so that we can make their damn company some more money.

I am now faced with the reality that I do not have a real job, I have a very part time night job. I have a car payment, cell phone bill, insurance and groceries to by. I am faced with the fear of the unknown and the definite possibility of a pay cut in my next job whatever it may be.

But I don't regret a minute of it!